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Parent Email

An email was sent out to parents this afternoon. If, as a parent or guardian, you did not receive one, please check your spam folder and make sure your contact information is correct in PowerSchool. You can update your information by logging in and selecting Correction and Verification Form.


Good afternoon Parents and Guardians, 


As we work together through this difficult time, our staff would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are working hard to provide the best possible learning situation for your child.


As your child moves from the traditional classroom to an alternative environment, the way of learning shifts. Teachers are working at creating online classrooms using Google Classroom to support learning, to communicate with students, and to assess progress. Please be mindful that this shift will take some time. This is a unique learning situation for everyone involved, and teachers are working diligently to find ways to meet technology requirements while working from home, choosing online resources that best meet student needs, and navigating best practices to keep in close contact with their students.



  • Diploma teachers have begun posting lessons and assignments.
  • All other teachers will begin posting assignments on Monday, April 6, 2020



  • School days will include a scheduled “office period” for all teachers, providing an opportunity for telephone communication between teachers, parents and students.
  • Teachers will be available for live/real-time communication with their individual students and/or parents during portions of the school day.
  • Parents and students are able to send emails to teachers, and will receive a reply during regularly scheduled school bell times.


Alternative Learning:

  • We recognize that not all students will have access to technology. If this is the case for you, please contact the school and we will find ways to accommodate your needs.


Preparing for online learning:

  • Please familiarize yourself and your child with Google Classroom, as this will be the primary platform of instruction.
    • Your child has or will be receiving an invite to each teacher’s Google Classroom
    • If you require an invitation to join as a guardian, please email the teacher 
    • For detailed instructions on how to navigate this site, please refer to this link.


As we continue to work in partnership with you, please know that our priority is your child’s learning. We will continue to strive for clear and open communication through this time.




Curtis Starko


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