Daily Bulletin



Tuesday, June 18, 2019



The cafeteria is now closed for the year!! Have a great summer!



Finland Exchange Meeting: There will be a meeting today at the beginning of lunch in the conference room (Main Office).


Hallways: Students are not to be in the hallways during spares or early completions due to final exams.


Library and Textbooks: Thank you to all the students who have returned their books and textbooks. Please return any library books today. Textbooks need to be returned by the morning of your exam.


Final Exams: Final day of classes is today. Exams will be written June 19 through to June 27.

Be in your exam room 15 minutes before the exam for instructions.

Show Photo ID prior to writing all exams.

All bags, purses, cell phones, smartwatches, etc. should all be left in your locker during exams – these items are not permitted in the exam room.


Lockers: Please clean out your locker and take home everything you do not need for exams. Lockers must be cleaned out and locks returned to the office after your last exam. If you do not have any exams, please return your lock at the end of the day.


Gym Lockers: All Students with Phys Ed Lockers, please make sure your gym lockers are emptied and in good condition by today. Locks should be returned to the teacher that issued the locker. Lockers left full will be cleared out and contents disposed of.


Please stop by the student services for more information on the following Awards and Scholarships:

Andy Polanski “Leader of Tomorrow” Memorial Scholarship --Deadline September 1, 2019

Lambda Scholarship Foundation Canada --- August 15, 2019


Quote of the Day

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” - Herman Melville