Daily Bulletin


April 7 - 13



Special-Thai bites served on a bed of rice and a spring roll $6.00

Student Special-Chicken fingers and fries $6.00

Sandwich-BBQ Chicken wrap-Crispy onion straw, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, lettuce and bbq ranch wrapped in a tortilla $5.00

Pizza-Classic cheese or tomato bacon $2.50

Dessert-Caramel Popcorn square or cookie Brownies $2.00



Special-Homemade Meat Sauce with penne pasta served with Caesar salad and slice of garlic toast $6.00

Sandwich-BBQ Beef burger topped with crispy onion straw, tomato, lettuce and mayo $5.00

Pizza-Classic cheese or BBQ chicken $2.50

Salad-Caesar served with a garlic toast $4.00 add chicken $2.00

Dessert-Pecan Brownies $2.00 or triple chocolate cake$3.00



Special-Battered fish and chips served with homemade Tartar sauce $6.00

Student Special- Egg salad wrap$4.00

Salad-Taco served with salsa and sour cream  or crispy chicken with homemade honey mustard poppyseed $5.00

Pizza-Classic cheese or Pepperoni $2.50

Dessert-to be determined



Special-Chicken Parmesan served on a bed of spaghetti and garlic toast $6.00

Sandwich-Stuffed Burger Quesadilla served with sour cream$5.00

Soup-Loaded Baked potato $2.50

Pizza-Classic cheese$2.50
Dessert-Carrot cake $3.00 or cookies $1.00



Special-Butter Chicken on a bed of rice and garlic naan $6.00

Sandwich-BBQ Chicken Burger topped with Crispy onion straw, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese $5.00

Pizza-Classic Cheese $2.50

Soup-Creamy Dill Pickle soup served with a homemade dill bun $3.00

Dessert-all assorted cakes $2.50