Diploma Exams & Preparing for Diploma Exams

Diploma Exams

Diploma Exams are administered to students in select grade 12 courses and have three main purposes:

  • to certify the level of individual student achievement in selected grade 12 courses;
  • to ensure that province-wide standards of achievement are maintained;
  • to report individual and group results.

For information about the schedule for Diploma Exams, practice exams, and results please visit Alberta Education.

Preparing for Diploma Exams

The best preparation for Diploma Exams is attending classes and completing assigned work. Our teachers at Fort Saskatchewan High School do their best during class time to prepare students for Diploma Exams, however, some students find they want additional preparation. Teachers are available throughout the semester on most Wednesdays during BEE block for additional help, as well as at other times as needed. Teachers also offer times during exam breaks for students who are seeking help. 

If a student finds they need more than this, there are several Diploma Preparation courses offered in our area which include:


NEXT STEP Continuing Education Diploma Exam Prep Classes (Salisbury High School in Sherwood Park)

Review the major curriculum topics and learn test-writing strategies for the diplomas. All classes held at Salisbury Composite High School. All Diploma Exam Prep Courses are 15 hours of instruction. Visit EIPS Continuing Ed for more information. Cost is $135.00 + GST per course.



A comprehensive short course that complements materials covered in class. It is designed to help ALL students. It reviews, recalls and redefines forgotten concepts and FOCUSES on the major items that the Diploma Exam continually tests. $150.00 per course. Call 780-906-5277 or visit Apex Diploma Prep.


DIPLOMAX (U of A Campus)

Diplomax has a tradition of offering an outstanding tutorial experience for students preparing for diploma exams in January and June of each year. If you are serious about your success on diploma exams, then we are here to help you succeed. 16 hours of instruction for $99.00 - $159.00. Learn more.


ROCK THE DIPLOMA (RTD Learning)-Get an EDGE (Grant MacEwan Campus)

Don't go it alone. Our highly respected, certified instructors have put together the most effective review classes you'll find anywhere. Thorough reviews-revamped for the new exam format, Analysis of hundreds of exam questions, top teachers only providing an outstanding classroom study environment. $99.00 - $110 per course. Register online at www.rockthediploma.com.


XPREP CANADA (Concordia University)

XPREP is committed to preparing its students for the next level of their journey. XPLORE day camps will allow our younger students to bridge the gap in learning created by the pandemic. Diploma and SAT courses will prepare students and athletes for the rigor of standardized tests.... XPREP is here to make sure that our students are ready to excel at the next level. Cost for diploma prep courses is $99 per course.  xprep.ca